How to Help

The Liberian Practice Provider Network is a nonprofit organization which consist of advanced providers dedicated to minimizing health care disparity in Liberia as well as other developing nations. The organization has a non-profit status that is certified with the internal Revenue Service. As you are fully aware, developing nations such as Liberia has recently experienced increased COVID-19 delta variant infections. Liberia has a population of approximately 5 million and has only administered a mere 1,433 doses of the COVID-19 immunization.

As of July 6, 2021, the Liberian National Public Health Institute reported a total of 4994 COVID 19 delta variant infections with 160 daily new cases as well as 135 deaths. This is alarming for a country with a deplorable health system lacking acute care facilities to treat critically ill patients. As health care providers, it is important to institute measures that will prevent the population for being exposed to COVID 19 by providing appropriate education and preventative supplies.

We are therefore appealing to all healthcare providers to kindly support our mission with a small donation payable to the Liberian Practice Network via CASHAPP & Paypal ( Your contribution is fully tax deductible. Thanks for your generosity.


Vision Statement

The Liberian Advanced Practice Providers Network seeks to influence high quality evidenced based health care through community engagement.


Our Core Values

LAPPN is committed to the following:

Collaborating with domestic and international organizations to minimize health disparities;

Promoting research and education to improve health disparities;

Improving the healthcare delivery system in targeted communities in areas of need;

Promoting health awareness among local, national and global community members;

Promoting mentorship for current and future licensed advanced practice providers in communities with health disparities